Research papers

The research raper (RP) forms the third part of the MW examination, and is written after students have passed the theory and practical papers. The RP replaced the dissertation in 2013, the former third part of the MW examination. 

Candidates are able to propose wine-related topics from any area of the sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences or any other discipline. Candidates also have the freedom to choose the way that they explore their topic, as long as it enables them to provide a rigorous interpretation of the subject and to make a contribution to the understanding of the world of wine. 

As these are exam papers, the Institute does not publish them but we are happy to allow anyone to read them. A paper will only be released after we receive assurances it won't be published or disseminated further. The RPs are listed below by year and by MW. If you would like to read a paper, please complete this form


December 2016

Mark Andrew MW

  • Research Paper: How can dry Assyrtiko from Santorini establish itself as a recognised 'fine wine' in the eyes of London's premium on-trade? 

Jeremy Cukierman MW

  • Research Paper: The prospects for Syrah in the vineyards of Hermitage: A climate assessment in the Northern Rhône AOP

Emma Dawson MW

  • How did Lebanese wine emerge as a territorial wine brand in the 25 years that followed the civil war ending in 1990? Mistakes made and lessons learnt

David Forer MW

  • Research Paper: An analysis of the impact of declining farm labour immigration on vineyard operations in Sonoma and Napa counties over the last decade (RP NOT AVAILABLE FOR DISSEMINATION DUE TO COMMERCIAL/SENSITIVE DATA)


June 2016

Richard Ballantyne MW

  • Barolo - Is there an economic benefit in producing under a Cru Label Designation? If there is, what are the reasons?

Bree Boskov MW

  • Prospects for Australian luxury wine growth among importers in key US markets.

Barbara Boyle MW

  • What is the effect of serving temperature on the sensory attributes of Tawny Port and Ruby Port?

Matt Deller MW

  • Coravin wine by the glass programs in the US restaurant market: effectiveness, functionality and marketing best practice.

Matthew Forster MW

  • The Colheita and Frasqueira Classifications: A Study of the Legal Framework and Key Themes in the Production of Vintage Madeira. (RP NOT AVAILABLE FOR DISSEMINATION DUE TO COMMERCIAL/SENSITIVE DATA)

Sonal Holland MW

  • Awareness, attitude and usage of wine among SEC A urban Indian wine consumers.

Jeremy Lithgow MW

  • To what extent can the white wines of Saint-Aubin compete with the village-level whitewines of Puligny-Montrachet and Chassagne-Montrachet in the London independent wine retail sector?

Mary Margaret McCamic MW

  • An investigation into the exceptions for wine in the Volstead Act: What impact did these exceptions have on grape growing and wine production in Napa Valley during US Prohibition?

Iain Munson MW

  • Investigation into the increased sales of Picpoul de Pinet in the UK on and off trade between 2010-2015. (RP NOT AVAILABLE FOR DISSEMINATION DUE TO COMMERCIAL/SENSITIVE DATA)

Mick O’Connell MW

  • An investigation into the attitudes of UK independent wine merchants towards the wines of Sardinia.

Mark Pygott MW

  • Has climate change occurred in the Barossa Valley over the last 50 years and if so, howhave vine growers adapted to any changes.

Ana-Emilia Sapungiu MW

  • What is the current and future role of wine agencies in the UK multiple off trade? 

Fongyee Walker MW

  • A Comparative Study of Winter Vine Burial Practices in Ningxia and Hebei (RP NOT AVAILABLE FOR DISSEMINATION DUE TO COMMERCIAL/SENSITIVE DATA)

December 2015

Ivan Barbic MW 

  • An assessment of the sensorial, economic and analytical impacts of fining agents without allergen compounds on a commercially important red wine on the Swiss Market.

Eran Pick MW 

  • The quantification of the variability of Mesoclimates among important vineyard regions in Israel. 

Jan Schwarzenbach MW

  • Buying behaviour of multi-channel retail wine consumers in Switzerland in store and online - using the market leader Coop as an example. (RP NOT AVAILABLE FOR DISSEMINATION DUE TO COMMERCIAL/SENSITIVE DATA)

Lenka Sedlackova MW

  • An evaluation of the market position of Reserva and Gran Reserva Cava in the London On and Off-trade. (RP NOT AVAILABLE FOR DISSEMINATION DUE TO COMMERCIAL/SENSITIVE DATA)

Stephen Wong MW 

  • The coincidence of a global financial crisis and oversupply - an analysis of Marlborough's controversial 2008 vintage and it's consequences.


June 2015

Marcus Ansems MW

  • The effects of the late season (Autumn/Fall) frost on Okanagan Valley Syrah (Shiraz) grape on table wine composition, utilising chemical and descriptive analysis.

Mollie Battenhouse MW 

  • Attitudes of the NYC Wine Trade towards Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc. 

Konstantin Baum MW

  • Digital direct marketing for premium wineries in Germany: current use and future potential.

Victoria Burt MW 

  • Does glassware have an impact on the sensory perception of Champagne? An investigation into the relative influences of physico-chemical and psychological processes in the sensory perception of two Pinot Noir-dominant Brut NV champagnes.

Wendy Cameron MW

  • A comparison of three bentonites in Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc: an Australian winery study.

Lynne Coyle MW 

  • Ingredient labelling on wine: an investigation into Irish consumer attitudes. 

Dawn Davies MW

  • Anthropological case study into the motivation behind wine gifting in a premium retail environment. 

Romana Echensperger MW

  • Does premium Franconian Silvaner (PFS) have enough sustainable advantages and producer support to justify its expensive vineyard plantings in the future? 

Rebecca Gibb MW 

  • Were the causes of the 1911 Champagne riots essentially economic? 

Richard Hemming MW

  • How have trends in the publication of consumer wine books changed since 1914, and how does this inform their present prospects?

Yiannis Karakasis MW

  • Reasons for the rise in alcohol levels in Naoussa PDO wines. 

Sarah Knowles MW 

  • What is the relative importance when using a member's (amateur's) positive review versus an expert's positive review on sales within The Wine Society? (RP NOT AVAILABLE FOR DISSEMINATION DUE TO COMMERCIAL/SENSITIVE DATA)

Eugene Mlynczyk MW

  • An assessment of Retailer and Sommelier attitudes toward VQA Sparkling Wine in Ontario. 

Kenichi Ohashi MW

  • Wine lists in quality sushi restaurants in Tokyo: the status quo and opportunities for change.

Andrea Pritzker MW

  • The Australian fine wine consumer online: involvement, characteristics, motivation and associated behaviour in the fine wine off-premise wine market. 

Janek Schumann MW

  • Back to the Future: determination of Superior Parcels within a VDP.Grosse Lage through a comparison of historical sources with current scientific measures.

Emma Symington MW 

  • An investigation into how UK bricks and mortar independent wine merchants use websites to complement their retail shops.  

Ying Tan MW 

  • Clos de la Roche: the creation of a Grand Cru. 

Taina Vilkuna MW 

  • The effect on consumer purchasing decisions of profiling wines by the Finnish alcohol monopoly Alko's flavour types. (RP NOT AVAILABLE FOR DISSEMINATION DUE TO COMMERCIAL/SENSITIVE DATA)