The Research Paper

IMW Research Paper with introduction by Penny Richards from Masters of Wine on Vimeo.

The Research Paper, which was introduced in September 2013, forms the third part of the Master of Wine Examination.  The Research Paper may be attempted after candidates have passed the Theory and Practical papers of the Examination.

Students are able to propose wine-related topics from any area of the sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences or any other discipline.  They also have the freedom to choose the way that they explore their topic as long as it enables them to provide a rigorous interpretation of the subject and to make a contribution to the understanding of the world of wine.

The Institute provide all students with preparatory workshops on the Research Paper throughout the Study Programme, well before they actually start work on their own research.

The Research Paper process also involves a pool of trained MW Advisors. Each of these Advisors will be both a Mentor and an Examiner at various times allowing for clarity and transparency of requirements and standards to all involved.