Super Lots

To bid for the Super Lots you must register at and select 'Create Account' or email who will send a registration form. You must provide copy of a photographic proof of ID (passport or driving licence) and proof of address (utility bill or bank statement) in order to complete the registration.

Although it is not possible to register bids on a specific Lot until the sale goes live, Bonhams Client Services will take note of any bids placed now and put them on as soon as possible. Bids for these Lots will be accepted online or as absentee bids up to 48 hours prior to the sale.

Once the sale is live, all bidders will receive a Bid Confirmation by email. If you cannot attend the Auction Dinner but wish to increase your initial bid on the evening, you can authorise someone else to bid on your behalf by emailing 

The Lots

You can view all the Super Lots by downloading the full brochure here:
IMW Auction: The Super Lots

You can also view each Super Lot by clicking on the sections below.