The Symposium is open for anyone to attend by purchasing a ticket.

Discounted tickets are available for MWs and MW students, please select from drop down selections below.

Tickets provide full access to the Symposium sessions including wine tastings and seminars, lunches and evening dinners. The ticket price does not include accommodation, transfers and other expenses.

The Institute will not be issuing spouse/evening only tickets for the Symposium. We can only accommodate a limited number of attendees for some of the evening events, and as demand for full tickets is so high, we can only host people who can join us for the complete programme.

The Symposium takes place at the RiojaForum, Calle San Millán, 23-25, 26004 Logroño, Spain.

Symposium Payment
Ticket typeUnit PriceTax
IVA @ 21%
Booking limited to 5 tickets
MW ticket including 21% IVA€961.95 Yes € 0.00
MW ticket excluding 21% IVA (EU VAT number required)€795No € 0.00
MW student ticket including 21% IVA€1082.95 Yes € 0.00
MW student ticket excluding IVA (EU VAT number required)€895No € 0.00
General ticket including 21% IVA€1203.95 Yes € 0.00
General ticket excluding IVA (EU VAT number required)€995No € 0.00
Total0€ 0.00
  1. Please list each delegates's name for this booking:

  2.  I have read the booking terms and conditions.Symposium Terms and Conditions 2018.pdf