Day three - 16 June 2018

RiojaForum in Logroño, Calle San Millán, 23-25, 26004

0800 Power breakfast - optional, informal sessions

Is a redefinition of terroir needed? The arguments for and against including the microbiome, altitude, plant and clonal selections
With Dr Laura Catena

Winds of change - an overview of the DOCa Rioja regulatory developments
With José Luis Lapuente Sánchez

0930 Panel discussion

The biosphere of the vine

What the moderator says:
Three extraordinarily talented viticulturists, Rosa Kruger, Marco Simonit and Kees Van Leeuwen join Fiona Morrison MW to discuss the biosphere of the vine. What are the primary life forces contained within a vine? How do they grow, renew and age? How can we intervene to shape the vine for the future and enable it to withstand climate changes? Sharing practical examples and anecdotes, these three experts will describe their pioneering work in vineyards throughout the world and offer solutions for preserving the vine’s essential characteristics.

Rosa Kruger (Old vine expert, South Africa)
Marco Simonit (Pruning expert, Italy)
Kees Van Leeuwen (Vine expert, Bordeaux, France)


Fiona Morrison MW

1045 Break

1115 Walk around tasting

The New Spain: the discovery tasting

A walk around tasting of wines from small producers, focusing on rare and unusual grape varieties, many from less well-known origins.


Wines of Greece

1300 Lunch

Hosted by Enterprise Greece

1430 The Living Wine lecture

Curating an adaptive wine business: a broader view of how we plan and operate

Will approaches we used for the last decade still work for the next? Why do we talk about change but find it hard to actually make the changes we need to make? In this session we explore the idea of the 'challenge of adaption' for wine businesses. Veteran retail and consumer specialist Michael Walton will talk on what appears to be our greatest challenges and point to the need for a change in the way we operate. We’ll talk consumers, we’ll talk retail and we’ll talk how we set up our businesses. In this interactive session we’ll also use a number of case studies to illustrate the big opportunities available and what we might do next.

Michael Walton (Michael Walton Consulting, Australia)


1530 Break


1600 Panel discussion 

Let it breathe: ox and redox

What the moderator says:
The words ‘oxidative' and ‘reductive' can be abstract and imprecise in their definition and sensory evaluation, and often used erroneously. This session addresses the role of oxygen in winemaking, assessing both the technical and practical aspects of the use of stainless steel, oak barrels, lees contact, battonage and sulfur dioxide. It links the technical aspects of winemaking with the qualitative and sensorial results.

Bob Bertheau (Chateau St. Michelle, Washington State, USA)
Dominique Lafon (Burgundy, France) 
Valerie Lavigne (ISVV Bordeaux, France)

Amy Christine MW


1745 Depart for Gala dinner - buses provided

1815 Gala dinner 

Return buses will be provided, with several drop off points in and around Logroño

2300 End of day three

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