Accolade Wines

Accolade Wines is a major global wine business with operations in North America, UK and Ireland, Mainland Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and Asia. It grew from Thomas Hardy and Sons, founded by Thomas Hardy in 1853 in Adelaide.
The business is the largest wine company by volume in the UK and Australia, with a portfolio ranging from the historic Hardys (the number one Australian wine brand in the UK and a significant wine brand in mainland Europe), through to Kumala, the UK's number two South African wine brand. The UK portfolio includes Echo Falls, the third largest wine brand in the UK; Stowells, the number one wine brand in the on-premise trade; Banrock Station (Australia), the UK’s number one environmentally friendly/Green wine brand and South African wines Fish Hoek and Flagstone. The portfolio also includes other premium branded wines and a Wine Fusion portfolio including Stone’s Ginger Wine, Stone's 'Ginger Joe' alcoholic ginger beer and Babycham perry. The US portfolio includes Californian brands Geyser Peak, Atlas Peak and XYZin, drawing on the respected Sonoma and Atlas Peak regions. The Australian portfolio includes Hardys (the 175 year-old Houghton label), Banrock Station, Omni, Goundrey, Brookland Valley, Berri Estates, Stanley, Amberley, Moondah Brook, Leasingham, Tintara, the Tasmanian label Bay of Fires, as well as sparkling wine brands House of Arras and Yarra Burn.
Accolade Wines is headquartered at Chateau Reynella, Reynella, South Australia, and has offices in the UK in Guildford and Bristol; in Australia in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne; in Singapore; in Stellenbosch, South Africa; as well as in Moscow, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Beijing and California.
The company has more than 1700 employees in total in Australia, the UK, Europe, Asia, North America and South Africa.