Gonzalez Byass

Gonzaless Byass  

In 2010, Gonzalez Byass is celebrating 175 years since Manuel Maria Gonzalez first started making Sherry in Jerez in 1835.

Today, the fifth generation of the Gonzalez family still own and run the company with the same philosophy as the founder, that consistency in all things is the key to great making wine.

By the middle of the 19th century Gonzalez Byass had expanded into wine making, even supplying the Spanish royal family, and then later into brandy. Over the last 30 years, the company has acquired wineries in other areas of Spain, now producing wine in the three great Spanish DOs of Sherry, Rioja (Beronia) and Cava (Vilarnau), as well as having properties in the up-and-coming areas of Somontano (Viňas Del Vero), Castilla (Finca Constancia), and Cádiz (Finca Moncloa).

Gonzalez Byass became patrons of the Institute in 2008. Jorge Grosse, CEO of Gonzalez Byass, says: “Our support of the Institute of Masters of Wine is part of an ongoing commitment from Gonzalez Byass to education in wine at an international level. We are intrinsically linked to the best of what Spain can produce in vinous terms as quality and innovation are two of the key cornerstones of our business. By linking with the Institute we feel we are not only investing in quality education but the future of the international wine industry itself.”

Please see the Gonzalez Byass website for more information.