Hildon Water

Hildon logo Sept 2015
Hildon Water became a Supporter of the Institute of Masters of Wine in January 2015.
Hildon Water, which is an independently owned English company, was launched in 1989. To this day, the source, offices and bottling plant are located in the grounds of the Hildon Estate in the heart of the Test Valley, Hampshire.
Hildon, which is noted for its purity of taste, has become established as a luxury brand through its use at prestigious venues and sponsorship of many sporting events. Clients such as the Royal Household, the Royal Opera House, the Royal Albert Hall, the Ritz Hotel, Goodwood Estates and the Guards Polo Club have helped to ensure the increasing reputation and popularity of the Hildon name.
Hildon has recently been awarded Restaurant Magazine’s Chefs’ Choice Award in the best bottled water category for the 3rd consecutive year.
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