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Examination Results 2015: Preparing for the next crop of Masters of Wine

The announcement, earlier this month, of a record number of 19 new Masters of Wine was a milestone for the Institute. However it tended to overshadow other important results for students who are at different stages in their journey to become an MW.

The Examination Results are not made public but we’re delighted to share a few key figures that reflect the dynamism of our Study Programme:

  • There are 321 students from 37 countries currently at stages 1, 2 or 3 of the Study Programme.
  • 116 students sat at least one component of the closed book Examination in 2015.
  • 26 students passed the Theory component.
  • 17 students passed the Practical component.
  • 74 new students from 14 countries were accepted to Stage 1 of the Study Programme.

Penny Richards, Executive Director of the Institute of Masters of Wine, said: “2015-16 will be another intense academic year of hard work for all our students, rich with amazing tastings, sleepless nights on the eve of exams, and enlightening trips in the world’s best wine regions. After a rewarding year during which we welcomed 24 new Members, and as the Institute expands its outreach efforts to new countries, I’m confident that 2016 will bring another excellent crop of Masters of Wine.”

For more information about our Study Programme, please visit the ‘Become an MW‘ section. Study Programme Progression Route

Study Programme Progression Route

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Please contact:
Ben McKeown
Communications Manager, Institute of Masters of Wine
T: +44 (0)207 383 9131

A record number of 19 new Masters of Wine announced

The Institute of Masters of Wine announced today that a record number of 19 candidates has passed the Institute’s Examination and earned the title Master of Wine (MW). The new MWs, 11 women and 8 men, hail from 10 countries, including Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Greece, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. The Institute of Masters of Wine is also delighted to welcome its first Singaporean Member.

The 19 new Masters of Wine join the 5 MWs announced on 20 March this year. Together they form an exceptional vintage of 2015, bringing the total number of Masters of Wine to 340, from 24 countries.

The Masters of Wine Examination consists of 3 stages, including Theory and Practical exams, and culminates in the submission of a final Research Paper (previously a Dissertation), an in-depth study on a wine-related topic from any area of the sciences, arts, humanities, social sciences.

The record number of Masters of Wine announced today results in part from the strengthened processes introduced for the third part of the Examination.

John Hoskins MW, Chief Examiner of the Institute of the Masters of Wine, explained:

“Not only do we have a record number of new MWs, but we can report that the general standard of the Research Papers was considerably higher than equivalent papers submitted in previous years. This is testament not just to the hard work of the candidates involved, but also to the success of the overhaul of the exam process. We now have a strong pool of MWs with the experience to give students the guidance they need to tackle this last part of the exam, which for many had in the past proved to be the most frustrating.”

The New Masters of Wine are (for biographies please see the full press release 2015 new MW press release or click or a name or image):

Marcus Ansems MW (Canada)
Mollie Battenhouse MW (United States)
Konstantin Baum MW (Germany)
Victoria Burt MW (United Kingdom)
Wendy Cameron MW (Australia)
Michelle Cherutti-Kowal MW (Canada)
Miles Corish MW (Australia)
Lynne Coyle MW (Ireland)
Dawn Davies MW (United Kingdom)
Jennifer Docherty MW (Canada)
Romana Echensperger MW (Germany)
Rebecca Gibb MW (New Zealand)
Richard Hemming MW (United Kingdom)
Yiannis Karakasis MW (Greece)
Sarah Knowles MW (UK)
Eugene Mlynczyk MW (Canada)
Kenichi Ohashi MW (Japan)
Andrea Pritzker MW (Australia)
Patrick Schmitt MW (United Kingdom)
Schumann MW (Germany)
Victoria Stephens-Clarkson MW (United Kingdom)
Emma Symington MW (United Kingdom)
Ying Tan MW (Singapore)
Taina Vilkuna MW (Finland)

Ends (03 Nov 2015)

Please contact:
Ben McKeown
Communications Manager, Institute of Masters of Wine
T: +44 (0)207 383 9131