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The study programme fees cover tuition only. You need to take into account additional expenses you will incur on each stage of the study programme from travel to accommodation and more. The below table is an example of fees at each stage of the programme. In some cases the residential seminars include accommodation. Fees marked with * do not include accommodation. A currency conversion tool should be used to provide an estimate on the programme fee equivalent rate in different currencies.  

2020 – 21 Study Programme Fees
Without tax (if EU tax number providedWith tax (VAT at 20%)
Application fee (non-refundable)GBP 195GBP 234
Discounted fee (applicable if you attended a face-to-face introductory course)GBP 110GBP 132
Europe (£)North America (£)Australasia (£)
Without tax (if EU tax number provided)With tax (VAT at 20%)Tax not applicableWith tax (GST at 10%)
Stage one fee / Stage two feeGBP 3,860GBP 4,632GBP 3,330*GBP 3,663*
Stage two theory only (TO) feeGBP 2,420GBP 2,904N/AN/A
Stage two practical only (PO) feeGBP 3,860GBP 4,632GBP 3,330*GBP 3,663*
2021 stage two exam entry feeGBP 1,685GBP 2,022GBP 1,685GBP 1,853.50
2021 stage two PO exam entry feeGBP 1,525GBP 1,830GBP 1,525GBP 1,677.50
2021 stage two TO exam entry feeGBP 900GBP 1,080GBP 900GBP 990
Without tax (if EU tax number provided)With tax (VAT at 20%)
Research paper registration feeGBP 600GBP 720
Research paper submission feeGBP 600 GBP 720


As an MW student, you are given the chance to apply for scholarships and bursaries from IMW supporters and friends in the trade, many of which include a financial or travel element. See below for some recent opportunities that could help with your study programme journey. 

Constellation Brands North America scholarships

In August 2017, IMW principal supporter Constellation Brands re-introduced two annual study programme scholarships for students based in North America. The most recent recipient, stage two student MW Sandeep Ghaey, was awarded a scholarship in January 2020 and received $2,000 to support his preparation for the MW examination. He will also spend a day visiting Constellation Brands in Napa with crucial personnel from winery production and marketing and meet the Constellation Brands’ MWs Nova Cadamatre MW and Mark de Vere MW.

SommFoundation, David A. Carpenter scholarship

The mission of the Guild of Sommeliers Education Foundation (“SommFoundation”) is to assist wine and spirits professionals to achieve the highest level of proficiency and accreditation in the food and beverage industry. The David A. Carpenter Masters of Wine scholarship, sponsored by David and Diane Carpenter, was created to further the mission of SommFoundation and is open to North America practical only students. The 2019 scholarship was awarded to Brian Browning, who received this $2,000 (USD) scholarship to help towards the costs of his studies.

Lallemand bursary

IMW supporter Lallemand – a leading producer of wine yeast, bacteria and their nutrients, and a distributor of oenological enzymes – established the bursary in 2010. It was open to stage one and stage two students in the study programme. Stage one MW student Tao Platón was announced as the winner of the Lallemand bursary in March 2019 and received £1,500 towards the cost of his MW student journey.

Famiglia Cecchi bursary

Famiglia Cecchi, the Italian family-owned wine producer, awarded stage two MW student Gabriele Gorelli a £1,500 bursary to aid his MW study programme journey. For a chance to win the bursary, Italian-based MW students were asked to answer an essay question set by the producer, with Gabriele writing the winning essay.

The Conversion Group scholarship

In 2018 the Conversion Group – a private investment vehicle with a global portfolio of lifestyle and creative businesses – announced the establishment of a large scholarship fund, solely for MW students. The scholarship will give up to 10 scholarships a year, for £5000 each and aims to help students with their MW study journey. In the 2018-2019 academic year it was open to any stage two student to apply. In November 2018 10 students were selected based on need and merit from their application form. 

FICOFI scholarship

The FICOFI scholarship is open to stage two students based in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan or Singapore. The recipient will receive £5,000 to be put towards MW study programme fees, examination sitting fees as well as to cover some travel costs to attend wine events or to visit a vineyard. In addition to the monetary prize, FICOFI also offers the opportunity to attend a few Le Club FICOFI events in Asia to taste Grands Crus wines served at these events and engage with the attending wine producers.

George T. Gamblin Memorial scholarship

The George T. Gamblin Memorial Scholarship was established in 2018 by Mary Margaret McCamic MW in honour of her late father, a retired doctor and former U.S. Naval officer. The scholarship is awarded annually to a stage two Master of Wine student who demonstrates a particular appreciation for how wine taps into our creative senses. Eligible students are required to submit a wine-related creative piece, and the topic will very in format each year. Nicholas Poletto was awarded the 2019 scholarship and received $500 USD to be used toward his MW studies.

AXA Millésimes scholarship

For over ten years the scholarship has been offering five scholars unique insight into the portfolio of  IMW’s principal supporter AXA Millésimes properties in Bordeaux and the Douro. The 2020 scholarship was open to all students in the study programme. Entrants are usually asked to write an essay, set by managing director Christian Seely. The five winners usually visit châteaux Pichon Baron, Pibra, Petit-Village and Suduiraut over a few days before travelling to the Douro for a visit and stay at Quinta do Noval.


 The IMW runs a series of introductory courses and information sessions around the world, for anyone interested in applying to the study programme. These sessions were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will be rescheduled when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, for anyone interested in applying to the programme, you can watch this webinar, recorded on 4 May 2020 which explains the MW approach to the exam syllabus, with a special focus on the writing and tasting skills required to become a Master of Wine. If you would like to apply, you will find everything you need to know here, based on the 2020 process.