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The IMW has a long-standing commitment to maintaining the highest standards of learning, and professional conduct in its education programme and in our interaction across all sectors of the global wine community. The code of conduct illustrates and reinforces our values and helps guide our decision-making and incident response and resolution. When questions arise about the right thing to do, or if one feels that the code of conduct is being violated, we encourage you to speak up.

The code of conduct provides for anyone to submit the incident in writing to the IMW executive director. Additionally, concerns may be shared anonymously through the IMW incident management system (via the button below). This third-party, technology-focused platform preserves the confidentiality of the individual and enables IMW management or an independent third-party to access the report, post follow-up questions, and seek a resolution. Please contact Julian Gore-Booth at for more information.

It is absolutely critical for all of us to adhere to the highest ethical standards. We owe it to our students, members, stakeholders, and each other.