Why the MW?

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Master of Wine (MW) is the most prestigious title in the world of wine.  What started more than sixty years ago as a qualification for the UK wine trade is now held by a global family of 395 Masters of Wine, in 30 countries. The membership encompasses winemakers, buyers, shippers, business owners, retailers, academics, sommeliers, wine educators, writers, journalists and more.

Becoming a Master of Wine means entry into the world’s best wine community: one that brings deeply rewarding personal and professional opportunities, but also lifetime friendships with your fellow members. It can mean constant travel and the bright lights of television studios, if that’s what you want. Alternatively, it could mean putting down roots as a winemaker and producing the finest expression of the particular piece of terroir that you’ve chosen. Our members produce award-winning wines, books, films, journalism, and television programmes. 

Doors open to Masters of Wine. We are not just talking about the obvious advantage that the initials ‘MW’ give you in a job interview. Masters of Wine are also accustomed to being asked to judge wine competitions all over the world; to lecture at wine courses; to lead tastings; to sample and assess some of the world's finest private cellars.  Masters of Wine advise on the cellars of governments and heads of state.

The IMW itself organises trips for Masters of Wine, which are generally hosted by trade bodies. Over the years groups of MWs have been treated to exceptional hospitality in most wine-producing regions of the world, with a level of VIP access that would be the envy of anyone with an interest in wine.

The IMW also runs a full events calendar, including the famous Symposium, which takes place every four years. The next Symposium will be held in Adelaide, Australia in 2022. Many of the world's most iconic producers have brought their wines to IMW events, in the knowledge that they will be presenting to an audience whose love and understanding of wine is unsurpassed.

However, being a Master of Wine isn't just about taking advantage of the opportunities that are on offer to members of the IMW. It's about offering those opportunities to others.

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