The practical papers

The practical papers form one of the three parts of the full Master of Wine examination. The other two parts are the theory papers, and the RP.

The practical and theory papers together are known as the 'closed book' part of the examination. They are taken by students during examination week, which is usually in early June, at one of the IMW's three examination centres - London, Napa, and Sydney. Three papers make up the practical part of the examination. Each paper consists of twelve wines, served blind, making a total of 36 wines.

Historically, paper 1 has covered still white wines, paper 2 has covered still red wines and paper 3 has covered a wide range including sparkling wines, fortified wines, and rosés. 

The Examiners could apportion the 36 wines differently in future years, and any wine from anywhere can be shown in the exam.

Please see link to the previous papers here.