Who can apply?

MWs and Students.pngThe study programme is open to any person who can meet the entry requirements. Those applying to the study programme are referred to as applicants. 

All applicants must hold a wine qualification, at least WSET Diploma in level or equivalent. For example a Bachelors' or Masters' degree in wine (oenology, viticulture, wine business etc.), or an appropriately high level sommelier certificate.

All applicants should have a minimum of three years of current and continuous active professional involvement in wine, at the time of submitting an application.  That activity may span the broad diversity of wine professions including but not limited to, the production of raw materials to wine making and selling as well as wine writing and education.  For purposes of this requirement, active professional involvement means either a person’s primary profession and/or an involvement of at least 20 hours/week.  If a potential candidate feels he/she falls outside the bounds of this definition but within the spirit of the IMW mission, he/she can request an exception from the Admissions Committee whose decision will be final.

And finally, all applicants must provide a reference to support their application, from a Master of Wine or another senior wine trade professional.

During the application process the applicant is also required to complete a practical and theory assignment. Assignments are assessed holistically to establish whether the applicant has sufficient knowledge, expertise and requisite communication skills to commence the study programme.

Want to know more?
Join us at an introductory course or information session

Every year and around the world the we hold introductory courses and hour-long information sessions for prospective students. The courses offer an introduction to the study programme, with MW-led tastings and theory sessions. The information sessions provide an overview of the study programme and an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.
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