About the Symposium


Held every four years, this is an unparalleled opportunity to network, taste and learn from a rich variety of international speakers, including rubbing shoulders with over 100 Masters of Wine. The 9th International Symposium aims to examine the world of wine from numerous and new angles, to get us all talking about our relationship with wine and how we regard it in our lives.

The Living Wine Symposium will be zooming in on specific subjects such as the microbes that fundamentally change the way wine tastes and how wines and drinkers each deal with oxygen. We will be zooming out by asking famous people from other walks of life to comment on wine from the outside, giving us an unusual insight into our industry.

We will look at the frontiers of winemaking from the mountain passes of Nepal to the chalky hillsides of Hampshire, and many places in between, and will then return to our host country to celebrate the great pioneering producers of Spain who have led the renaissance of the country’s wines.

We will tackle the topics of today and of tomorrow. Whether we in the wine world are winning numerous challenges - climate change, fraud and fake bottles, an expanding wine offer and a reduced wine market.

The Living Wine Symposium will be a network-enabling, taste bud-salivating and wine knowledge-enhancing few days. It will leave you enriched and delighted by your time spent in the company of over one hundred Masters of Wine...many of whom will be pouring their own wines at the Masters of Winemaking tasting.

Filled with magical moments, from the geeky to the indulgent, with some surprises along the way, this promises to be the most exciting and enthralling Symposium yet.


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