Old World versus New World inspirations


In the first of the Forging Links tasting sessions, moderated by Kym Milne MW, five renowned winemakers explored the differences and similarities between winemaking in the Old and New Worlds. Each discussed the role of terroir and how they feel this influences the wine’s final style as well as how they have modified their viticultural and winemaking approaches as a result of local conditions. Egon Müller presented two Rieslings, from Sturovo, Slovakia, and the Adelaide Hills, Australia, and commented specifically on how working outside of his native Germany has changed some of his perceptions of wines from other regions. Arnaud Bourgeois presented two Sauvignon Blancs, from Sancerre and Marlborough. With no large dominant players in Sancerre when compared to Marlborough, Arnaud explained how he had employed a quite different marketing approach in the New World. Pascal Marchand presented two Pinot Noir wines, from Burgundy and Bio Bio in Chile. In Burgundy, Pascal works amongst peers in a regulated AOC, whereas in Southern Chile he is more isolated and in a new region for that country with the chance to create something new. Zelma Long presented two Merlot/Malbec blends, from Paarl, South Africa, and Washington State. In both South Africa and Washington there are large differences in climate as well as unusual soils and she explained the impact of these factors on her winemaking. Michel Rolland addressed two Cabernet Sauvignon based wines, from Bordeaux and Apalta, Chile. Michel works in Chile as well as Argentina and gave a fascinating overview of his experiences both there and in his native Bordeaux with soils, climate, winemaking and people. The session closed with a lively series of questions for the panellists.

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   Moderator Kym Milne
Kym Milne MW has worked in the wine industry for over 30 years in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa and South America.  A winemaking graduate of Roseworthy College in Australia, he now runs his own winemaking consultancy, Global Wine Solutions, with clients in Australia and around the world.
   Panel Arnaud Bourgeois
Arnaud Bourgeois can trace his family's winemaking in the Loire back 10 generations.  He joined the family business, Henri Bourgeois Estate, in 1992 and is now co-general manager of the firm as well as general manager of its Clos Henri Vineyard in New Zealand.
  Zelma Long Zelma Long is an award-winning winemaker who worked for Robert Mondavi and Simi Winery before establishing the Vilafonte Winery in the Cape of South Africa.  She consults internationally for wineries in Israel, France, northern California and the Pacific Northwest in the USA.
  Pascal Marchand
Pascal Marchand was born in Montreal and established his reputation as a winemaker at Domaine des Comte Armand in Burgundy in the 1980s.  Today he is winemaker at Domaine Jean Féry & Fils in Burgundy, consults to wineries around the world, and runs his own négociant business based in Nuits-St-Georges.
  Egon Muller IV
Egon Müller IV is the current member of the German winemaking dynasty responsible for the management of its acclaimed Scharzhofberg estate in the Saar.  Famed for its Rieslings, the vineyard was acquired by his great great grandfather in 1797 and has remained in the family's hands ever since.
  Michel Rolland Michel Rolland leads one of the largest winemaking consultancies in the world, with more than 100 clients in 13 different countries.  He also oversees winemaking at family and personal estates in Bordeaux, and is involved in joint ventures in Spain, South Africa and Argentina.


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Arnaud Bourgeois Presentation

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Pascal Marchand Presentation  
Zelma Long Presentation  



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