Vienna 2002

More than 250 delegates attended the Institute’s fifth international symposium in Vienna in July 2002 and were treated to a feast of discussion and excellent wines. The theme of the symposium was The Changing Face of Wine.

Programme & Presentations 

Arne Ronold MW welcomed delegates on behalf of the Institute and reminded them that the word symposium is an ancient Greek term for a drinking party which should combine philosophical conversation, music and dancing, and, most importantly, the enjoyment of wine.

The following files are transcripts of the proceedings of the Vienna Symposium, held from 11th to 13th July 2002. Each transcript is given in both English and German.

The search for quality in the 21st Century
Moderated by Anthony Hanson MW
Paper 1 : Technology in the service of terroir 
Paper 2 : Discovering and defining a New World sense 
Paper 3 : The changing conception of quality in Spain
Paper 4 : The coca colonisation of Wine and the search for quality in Asia  

Viticulture in the 21st Century 
Moderated by Jean-Michel Valette MW
Paper 1 : New world responses to old world terroir
Paper 2 : Using aerial photography to divide vineyards for harvest  
Paper 3 : Tradition and innovation in Italian vititculture   
Paper 4 : Breakthrough or snake oil   

Winemaking in the 21st Century
Moderated by David Lake MW
Paper 1 : The appeal of the unpredictable  
Paper 2 : The tailoring of grapevine cultivars  
Paper 3 : New technologies to meet consumer demands
Paper 4:  How do flavour and quality relate