Session 3 - A New World of Wine

A New World of Wine: how the viticultural map is changing
Christophe Salin (Managing Director, Domaines de Barons de Rothschild)
Dr José Vouillamoz (geneticist and author)
Prof Gregory Jones (viticulture research climatologist, Southern Oregon University)
Frank Cornelissen (owner and winemaker, Etna, Sicily)
Moderated by John Hoskins MW
The geography of wine is changing all the time.  What are the challenges involved with planting vineyards in new countries?  How is the Old World coping with climate change?  Which grape varieties are going to survive and which should we looking at in the future?  Is Global Warming a reality? Our panel will share their knowledge of how climate change, emerging viticultural regions and new research are changing the wine map.
Please see below a video of the session, and below that a set of photographs.