Dr Laura Catena

Dr. Laura Catena will be speaking at the session The secret life of microbes 

You can also hear more from Laura at the optional breakfast session, Is a redefinition of terroir needed? The arguments for and against including the microbiome, altitude, plant and clonal selections

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Dr. Laura Catena is a Harvard and Stanford trained biologist and physician, and the founder of Argentina’s Catena Institute of Wine (est. 1995). She is currently managing director of Bodega Catena Zapata (est. 1902) and of her own Luca winery (est. 1999). Catena has been called the "face” of Argentine wine and is the author of Argentina’s definitive wine guide, Vino Argentino.

About the Catena Institute of Wine

The vision of the Catena Institute of Wine is to continue elevating Argentina’s historic variety, Malbec, and the country’s winemaking regions for another 100 years. Nicolás Catena Zapata's high-altitude wine revolution led to the discovery of a new terroir for wine, the Adrianna Vineyard at almost 5,000 feet elevation. Today, the team of the Catena Institute of Wine is dedicated to studying every meter, every rock, every insect and microorganism in the Adrianna Vineyard. The Catena Institute collaborates with institutions all over the world, from UC Davis to the University of Dijon, as well as with local research institutions. The institute’s work is widely published in reputable scientific journals that include the American Journal of Viticulture and Enology and Food Science.