Maxence Dulou

Maxence Dulou will be speaking at the session Discovering new terroirs throughout the world

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Born and raised in le Sauternais, Maxence Dulou was initiated into the traditional Bordeaux techniques of winemaking and vineyard management at the University of Bordeaux. During his studies, he also had the opportunity to learn from some of the best consultants while conducting various short-term missions (vinification) in some of Bordeaux’s most prestigious properties.

After graduating in 2001 with a National Oenology Diploma (DNO), he joined a Bordeaux-based oenology laboratory, where he provided customised support to more than 30 domaines in the region. He was then recruited as the head of a South African oenology laboratory. Eager to continuously develop his winemaking knowledge, his next move took him to Burgundy where he wanted to challenge his Bordeaux skills: during the 2002 vintage in Meursault he was exposed to the specific varietals and techniques that have made Burgundy wines famous all over the world.

This enabled him to become winemaker for a family-owned property in Chile in 2003, where he further developed his international experience over the next two years. He then had the opportunity to work directly under Michel Rolland while making wine at his South African winery, before moving back to France in 2005.

At this point, Maxence joined Saint Emilion Château Quinault, where he was responsible for both winemaking and viticulture.

The Château was acquired in 2008 and its management was handed over to the Château Cheval Blanc team. While learning the excellent techniques of Cheval Blanc, Maxence took up studies again in parallel to become an agronomic engineer, in order to extend his skillset beyond winemaking and vineyard management and into business management.

Passionate about nature, terroir, and culture, Maxence enthusiastically accepted the challenge to move with his family to the breathtaking region of Yunnan in 2013. He took over the responsibility for the winemaking and viticulture teams at the Moët Hennessy Estate, located in the beautiful village of Adong. At the beginning of 2015 he was appointed Estate Manager and greatly enjoys the adventure of discovering more every day about the amazing terroir including culture of the region.