Rafael del Rey

Rafael del Rey will be speaking at the breakfast session, Spain as the rising star in the world of wine

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Mr. Del Rey has run the Spanish Foundation for Wine Culture since 2011 and is also the general manager of the Spanish Observatory of Wine Markets (OeMv), since July 2008. This double activity gives Mr Del Rey a deep knowledge on the wine sector in Spain from both, the cultural and economic perspectives.

During his carrier in the wine sector, he has published a great number of articles, chapters in different books and participates frequently in conferences on wine, from the legal, cultural and economic points of view. He also acts as visiting professor in a series of universities and has actively participated in all major advances of the Spanish wine legislation in recent years. Internationally, Mr del Rey collaborates with the European Commission, the OIV and the Bulk Wine Organisation as one of the leading experts on world wine trade worldwide.

Prior to these two activities, Mr. Del Rey served as General Manager of the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV) and the wineries’ association of quality wine in Rioja.

Before joining the wine sector Mr. Del Rey worked on international trade and consultancy issues, after having started his professional life in a multinational bank with activities in international finance.

Mr. Del Rey graduated in Political Science from the University of Madrid (1982) and has a Master of Arts with Honours in International Economics by the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (Italy, 1985 – Washington DC 1986).

Mr. Del Rey is married with two daughters.