Valérie Lavigne

Valérie Lavigne will be speaking at the panel session, Let it breathe: ox and redox

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Valérie Lavigne is a global consultant in viticulture and oenology. Based in Bordeaux, she is a researcher for Seguin-Moreau, affiliated with the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (I.S.V.V.). Her primary areas of research include: aroma science; reduction during vinification and aging of white wines; and premature aging of aromas in white and red wines.

Additionally, for over 20 years, she worked alongside the legendary winemaker and professor Denis Dubourdieu, renowned for his research on Sauvignon Blanc and advanced winemaking techniques.

Her work has resulted in more than thirty publications in international scientific journals as well as presentations at numerous conferences. She has also contributed to numerous seminal reference publications, including White wines, from marketing to vinification (FRANCE AGRICOLE), Oenology treatises (volumes I and II, translated into English, Spanish, Italian) and The Oxford Companion to Wine (Fourth Edition, Jancis Robinson ed.).

Valérie Lavigne is also a consulting oenologist for about 70 crus and renowned estates in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and South Africa. She teaches diploma level courses at the University of Bordeaux along with white wine aroma training courses for the Bordeaux CIVB.

Valérie Lavigne graduated from the University of Bordeaux with honors and was the recipient of the Grand Prix of the AMORIM Academy honoring the work of young researchers who have contributed to improving the knowledge and quality of wine.