Tastings and seminars

Every year and around the world the IMW hosts events which offer an unparalleled opportunity to taste with and learn from the experts. Our tastings and seminars are discounted for Members and students but are almost always open to members of the public with a serious interest in fine wine.

  1. AWRI series - Evaluation of winemaking treatments in Australian Cabernet Sauvignon

    18 January 2019  | London


    The second tasting at the IMW by Con Simos, Group Manager at the AWRI, showcasing how current winemaking practices can influence final wine style.

  2. Sixth Annual Bordeaux Tasting (2014 Vintage) - Napa

    22 January 2019  | Napa


    Tickets on sale!

  3. Hunter Valley Semillon compared to (much of) the rest of the world

    23 January 2019  | London


    Tickets on sale!

  4. Lallemand seminar series

    13 March 2019  | London


    More than just malolactic fermentation, the still untapped potential of malolactic bacteria Presented by Ann Dumont M.Sc., Sam Harrop MW, Anthony Silvano Ing. Oenologue, Dirceu Vianna Junior MW

  5. Annual Bordeaux Tasting (2014 Vintage) - Sydney

    7 April 2019  | Sydney


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Past trips and tastings

For an overview of recent trips and tastings, please see our Annual Review 2017-2018.