Tastings and Seminars

Every year and around the world the IMW hosts events which offer an unparalleled opportunity to taste with and learn from the experts. Our tastings and seminars are discounted for Members and students but are almost always open to members of the public with a serious interest in fine wine.

  1. Cru Beaujolais 'half blind' tasting

    11 September 2018  | New York


    The fall series of 'half blind' tasting in New York City, focussing on Cru Beaujolais from top producers.

  2. Masters of Winemaking tasting

    12 September 2018  | London


    An extraordinary rare showcase of wines made by Masters of Wine from around the globe. Open to anyone who wishes to buy a ticket.

  3. Annual Champagne tasting

    24 September 2018  | San Francisco


    The 14th Annual IMW Champagne tasting is one of the largest and most prestigious tastings of top quality Champagne in North America.

  4. Cru Beaujolais seminar

    2 November 2018  | Colorado


    A special Cru Beaujolais seminar featuring Doug Frost MW, Ashley Hausman MW and Mary Margaret McCamic MW.

  5. Annual Claret tasting (2014 vintage)

    6 November 2018  | London


    Tickets are now on sale for Institute's most eagerly anticipated tasting of the year, the Annual Claret tasting. Open to anyone who wishes to buy a ticket.

  6. English and Welsh sparkling wine tasting

    4 December 2018  | London


    Save the date for a tasting of the top award-winning English and Welsh sparkling wines. Open to anyone who wishes to buy a ticket.





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