David Forer MW

David Forer MW

Date an MW: 2017
Based in: Spain

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Born in England, raised and educated in Canada, David Forer lived in San Francisco for 20 years, where the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley got into his blood.

After becoming an MW in 2017, David moved to Barcelona where he strives to bring innovation to different segments of the wine industry. In addition to being a private investor in wineries and startup wine technology companies, he is a co-owner of a vineyard and wine brand in the Priorat.

David is also passionate about developing corporate strategies for both new brands and existing brands. In that capacity as an ardent strategist, he is a board member of a wine distribution and technology company that is striving to “disrupt” the wine industry.

A keen lover of all things Riesling, David is also working on a personal side passion, a book on the Cult Wines of the world.