Jeremy Cukierman MW

Jeremy Cukierman MW

Date an MW: 2017
Based in: France

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Jeremy Cukierman MW was born and raised in Paris. After a short experience in advertising agencies, the passion for wine quickly prevailed. Jeremy runs a wine merchant business in Paris, and a wine event agency. Through his wine business he is working with more than 200 top producers from France and abroad. He is also Director of the Kedge Wine & Spirits Academy (all the wine & spirits education programmes of Kedge Business School) and wine advisor of All Nippon Airways, the leading Japanese airline company. Additionally, he is writing for the French magazine Vigneron and for the Italian magazine Civiltà del Bere. Jeremy Cukierman is also currently working on a book about cult winemakers from all around the world. A Master of Wine since 2017, he won the Madame Bollinger Medal for excellence in tasting and outstanding achievement in the Institute of Masters of Wine practical examination. He is married, with two children and particularly loves Northern Rhône, Burgundy, Riesling, Italian and fortified wines.


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