Founded in 1840, Dourthe is currently one of the greatest wine companies in Bordeaux. Its viticulture expertise, exacting quality standards, inherent understanding of wine and its dynamic approach are acknowledged and rewarded by the wine industry at large. 
Winemakers first and foremost, proud owner of a number of prestigious Bordeaux Chateaux and also creator of premium quality wines, Dourthe observes an uncompromising quality policy across all its wines, and its approach is reviewed and fine-tuned on a yearly basis.  This constant commitment to exceed its limits is evident at every stage of the winemaking process, so that every Dourthe Bordeaux wine is a benchmark, vintage after vintage.
Dourthe has been a generous supporter of the Institute since 2001, when the company first offered its facilities at Château Pey la Tour for the European Second Year Education Seminar. The Institute's students continue to enjoy the hospitality of Dourthe and benefit from studying in a major wine producing region during the annual student visit to Bordeaux.
Dourthe also supplies wine and speakers for a number of educational events and provides groupage facilities for the Institute's Annual Claret Tasting in London, US, and Australia, the largest retrospective tasting of its kind held outside Bordeaux.
For more information on Dourthe, see its website. For updates on the 2016 Harvest, please see here