Viña Errázuriz

Vina Errazuriz 

Viña Errázuriz, one of Chile’s leading family wineries, joined the Institute as a Supporter in 1999.

Viña Errázuriz was founded in 1870 by Don Maximiano Errázuriz and is managed by Eduardo Chadwick, a family descendant and its current president. Viña Errázuriz is recognised as one of the finest Chilean wine estates with vineyards in the Aconcagua, Casablanca and Curicó valleys. With a quality philosophy in all aspects of viticulture and vinification, Viña Errázuriz is now recognised as a quality leader from Chile.

Viña Errázuriz are keen to promote the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Chilean wines with a vision of establishing Chile as one of the world’s leading wine appellations. Through its UK agents, Hatch Mansfield Agencies, Viña Errázuriz already runs annual seminars in London to keep the British wine trade and journalists aware of new viticultural and winemaking advances in Chile.

Eduardo Chadwick, president of Viña Errázuriz, says: "Both the Institute of Masters of Wine and Errázuriz share a passionate interest in wine education and there are an exciting number of areas in which we can build our activities together. We are looking for this to be a long-term partnership with the Institute in order to promote wine education in general but with particular regard to the knowledge of Chilean wines and the great potential the country offers as a world class appellation.”

The Viña Errázuriz Award, for excellence in the Business of Wine paper in the Masters of Wine Examination, is presented annually to a new Master of Wine at the Awards Ceremony in London.

For more information, see the Viña Errázuriz website.