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The IMW runs a calendar of events open to the public. Anyone who buys a ticket can attend these events – they are open to everyone with a meaningful interest in wine. In addition, the IMW runs a series of sessions for anyone interested in joining the MW study programme. Click on the individual listings below for further information and to book. You can also subscribe to the IMW’s mailing list.

If you’re in the wine trade, you could use the IMW’s event space for tastings, seminars or meetings, find out more here.

MAR 10-11 2023

Introductory course

La Rioja, Spain

MAR 19-21 2023


Düsseldorf, Germany

MAR 27-28 2023

APR 13-14 2023

APR 20-24 2023

Introductory course

Würzburg and Mainz, Germany

JUN 29-2 JUL 2023