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What is happening in the world of packaging?



How can the global wine trade reduce GHG emissions and close the loop?

Wine packaging is an integral part of a wine’s aesthetic as well as it playing functional role in protecting wine quality. Currently, packaging and distribution represent approximately 50% of greenhouse gas emissions in the vineyard and winery.

Following on from last year’s IMW webinar on packaging, our panel will discuss what is new in the packaging industry and the approach to sustainability they have adopted in their own businesses.

An increasing number of packaging formats are available for wine. At the same time, innovation is happening in the glass industry and returnable bottle schemes are being trialled in some regions. Applying the three principles of the circular economy – to reduce waste and pollution, reuse, and recycle – the panel will discuss the pros and cons of different packaging materials, collection and recycle schemes. What are the opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to close the loop?

Jane Masters MW (Moderator)
Richard Lloyd (General Manager, European Supply Chain and Operations, Accolade Wines)
Adrian Curry (Managing Director, Encirc)
Carlos Ludlow-Palafox (Chief Executive Officer, Enval)