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Cathy van Zyl MW joins Old Vine Project Board of Directors

Cathy van Zyl MW joins Old Vine Project Board of Directors

This month, the Old Vine Project (OVP) announced that Cathy van Zyl MW has been appointed to their Board of Directors. Cathy joins alongside Arnold Scholtz and are amongst the latest to be appointed to the Board made up of Rosa Kruger and Eben van Wyk as existing members.

The search for South Africa’s old vines started in 2002 by Rosa Kruger with the purpose of documenting South Africa’s old vines which constitutes any vines that are 35 years or older. The Old Vine Project wasn’t officially launched until 2016 and has grown since then, developing Certified Heritage Vineyards, vineyard training to ensure proper pruning of old vines and in 2022 the Old Vine Academy, an online learning platform.

In their press release, the OVP celebrated Cathy and Arnold’s appointment, commenting that their professional capabilities ‘further strength[s] [their] leadership team and strategic vision to create a sustainable model for producers working with old vineyards in South Africa.’

Cathy, who is currently the Chair of the Institute of Masters of Wine, commented: “I was so excited to say ‘yes’ to Rosa when she called to determine if I would consider joining the Old Vine Project (OVP) as a director that I didn’t wait for her to ask the question; I bluntly interrupted her with an emphatic ‘of course’. Rosa and I have been friends for over a decade, and I have supported her and the OVP whenever I could, albeit in the proverbial ‘own small way’. I admire Rosa’s strength, expertise, and foresight, and I’m pleased beyond measure she believes I can contribute to the OVP’s future.”