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Isabelle Legeron MW organises digital event Alive!

Isabelle Legeron MW organises digital event Alive!

Founder of RAW WINE, Isabelle Legeron MW and her team are putting together their first fully digital event: Alive! Organised with the support of ProChile, Austrian Wine and Wines of South Africa, the event is a virtual festival of ideas for the world of wine, inspired by nature. As Isabelle says, “Natural wine is the celebration of life from vineyard to glass” – this festival explores what this means, literally.

The virtual event will take place on 5 and 6 December.

With over 30 talks scheduled exploring the interconnected natural world and its impact on the living in wine, there is lots to explore. Topics include the likes of regenerative farming, soils, terroir, climate change and plants. Alive! brings together live presentations (with opportunities for audience Q&As) by a host of experts to get under their skin and see the world from their perspective. What makes them tick? How do they go about their business? What, as people who care for them, can we do to help them thrive? And why should we care in the first place?

Speakers are experts in their fields, including viticulturists, historians, environmentalists, science journalists, microbiologists, plant neurobiologists, and even a philosopher, working on issues at the intersection of plant biology and cognitive science.

Tickets are $55 and include access to all talks – live and post-event.

Follow this link for tickets and more information