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Kryss Speegle MW receives four awards at the IMW awards ceremony

Kryss Speegle MW receives four awards at the IMW awards ceremony

Kryss Speegle MW was presented with four IMW awards at the IMW’s awards ceremony on 23 March.

Kryss, who became a Master of Wine in February 2021, received the IMW Chair’s Award for her top performance in the business of wine paper, the Taransaud Tonnellerie Award for her excellent knowledge in the production and handling of wine, the Robert Mondavi Winery Award for the best performance across all the theory papers and the Austrian Wine Outstanding Achievement Award for her overall performance in all areas of the MW exam.

Kryss is a US-based winemaker, educator, and sales professional. She has an MS in food science/oenology from U.C. Davis and a WSET Diploma. Her winemaking experience includes harvests in Napa Valley, Germany and New Zealand and extensive work in California’s coastal and interior regions.

Since 2011 she has worked with O’Neill Vintners and Distillers, one of California’s leading and fastest-growing wine and spirits producers. She also teaches at the Napa Valley Wine Academy, where her classes include the WSET curriculum and custom-designed programmes for private clients.

On receiving the awards, Kryss said, “The awards I received were a great surprise, especially given the tremendous calibre of my peers from the 2021 vintage. I’m so grateful to the IMW and its supporters for their recognition and generosity. The ceremony was absolutely magical and everything I’d dreamed of during my years in the programme.”