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Martin Reyes MW’s Napa THRIVES symposium announced

Martin Reyes MW’s Napa THRIVES symposium announced

Napa THRIVES, a symposium co-founded by Martin Reyes MW, has been announced to take place in the Napa Valley in June.

The symposium will welcome over 65 industry leaders and expert speakers between 7 and 23 June and will tackle the six pillars of sustainable winegrowing leadership.

Across six days, participants will learn about water efficiency, energy efficiency, waste prevention and green purchasing, integrated pest management and pesticide phaseout, social equity and diversity, all of which folds into climate action and regenerative farming.

On how the symposium came together, Martin Reyes MW said, “A few years ago, I wrote a piece considering how sustainability work in Napa County seemed to happen in disconnected pockets. So my friend Ashley Hausman MW and I gathered with several Napa leaders for lunch and asked ‘How can we bring everyone together?’ We knew the obstacles, including, ‘The world doesn’t need another wine conference!’ Instead, through Anna Brittain’s ‘Six Pillars’ vision, we designed something bolder and locally-rooted.”

Visit the Napa THRIVES website