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Odney theory only seminar

Odney theory only seminar

Running concurrently with the Odney full programme and the Practical Only courses, the Theory Only course was attended by ten candidates. The focus of the week was essay writing and exam technique and in this the candidates were aided by presentations from Natasha Hughes MW, Laura Jewell MW and Neil Tully MW.

Performance Psychologist, Andy Barton, offered valuable insights into effective study and exam routine. Sheri Sauter Morano MW reminded the candidates of the importance of preparing for the Research Project.

To assist candidates with Paper 3 an away-day to Kingsland Drinks in Manchester was organised allowing candidates to strengthen their knowledge of bulk shipping, packaging and quality management.

Robin Langton, a single paper resit candidate with a winemaking background, ran a winemaking Q&A session for the group while Robert Joseph offered his iconoclastic views on the world of wine. Robin and Robert joined us for the, now-traditional, ‘Over-the-Wall’ BYO Dinner which was enjoyed at The Hinds Head at Bray.

James Davis MW and Christopher Carson jointly presented on trends in the Multiple Grocery sector of the UK market.

Bringing candidates to one centre for the Theory Only Seminar again proved its value with candidates from diverse geographies and professional backgrounds sharing knowledge and experience.

Thanks to Marianne, Robyn, Olly and Penny from the IMW Executive Team for supporting the delivery of this programme.

Phil Reedman MW