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Peter Richards MW hosts new Wine Masters series

Peter Richards MW hosts new Wine Masters series

Peter Richards MW features in the latest Wine Masters series: The Wild Side of Wine.

In The Wild Side of Wine, Peter travels to unexpected wine countries and explores the country’s socio-cultural, political and historical story, told by wine people. This is the start of a new range of three-episode miniseries, each divided into the themes of past, present and future.

The first miniseries is about Georgia. Peter visits the former Soviet country in search of the earliest evidence of winemaking and finds a nation re-born – encountering a ghostly cave city, a 400-year-old vine, a Neolithic picnic and a feast of wine, food and song along the way.

The next series will feature wine countries such as Lebanon (currently in production), South Africa, the Vulcano Islands around Mount Etna/Sicily, Greece, and more.

Watch the trailer and learn more