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2016 Lallemand Bursary awarded

2016 Lallemand Bursary awarded

The Institute of Masters of Wine and Lallemand are delighted to announce that Diego Bonnel, from France, has won the 2016 Lallemand Bursary. The prize was given to a student who submitted a 1000 words essay on the following question: It has been said that the principal challenges facing winemakers in the years ahead will be: longevity, acidity management and alcohol levels. Please explain whether you agree or disagree with this notion. You should give reasons for your answer, using examples, references and details.

Lallemand, the bursary’s sponsor, is a Supporter of the Institute and a leading producer of wine yeast, bacteria and their nutrients, and a distributor of oenological enzymes. It is a privately owned Canadian corporation present in most wine producing countries. Its Oenology Division, based in Toulouse, France, has a major focus on research and development, both in-house and in collaboration with renowned research institutes.

As part of the prize, Diego is invited to attend the XVIth Entretiens Scientifiques Lallemand (ESL), in Osoyoos, British Colombia Canada. The topic for this year’s event is Biodiversity Meets Terroir, at which talks will be presented by top researchers on the ecology of wine microorganisms. It is the 26th edition of the ESL, a yearly conference focused on wine microbiology.

On hearing the news regarding the Bursary, Diego said:

“I am thrilled at the idea of sharing top knowledge with the world’s greatest scientists and to understand how Lallemand is contributing to improving and facilitating the life of winemakers worldwide regarding yeasts, bacteria and enzymes. My main concern is to meet Lallemand staff and understand their work, to be able to grab the philosophy and deep commitment of the company to improving the world of wine, and to see how they fit into todays’ winemakers priorities.”

Ann Dumont, Communications Manager for Lallemand’s Oenology Division, said:

“Diego’s essay was very well researched and written, and stood out with creative thinking linked with scientific facts. Attendance at our conference is a great opportunity for him to learn about the state-of-the-art in research related to wine microbiology. We hope that Diego will enjoy his prize and take the opportunity to discover the wines of British Colombia.”


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