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2017 Lallemand Bursary awarded

2017 Lallemand Bursary awarded

The Institute of Masters of Wine and Lallemand are delighted to announce that Elizabeth Kelly, from the UK, has won the 2017 Lallemand Bursary. The prize was given to a student who submitted a 1000 words essay on the following question:

Discuss the following aspects of fermentation management: spontaneous fermentation, inoculation with selected yeast and propagation. Compare the three in terms of technical aspects, risk management, economic and legal regulations.

Lallemand, the bursary’s sponsor, is a Supporter of the Institute and a leading producer of wine yeast, bacteria and their nutrients, and a distributor of oenological enzymes. It is a privately owned Canadian corporation present in most wine producing countries. Its Oenology Division, based in Toulouse, France, has a major focus on research and development, both in-house and in collaboration with renowned research institutes.

As part of the prize, Elizabeth is invited to attend technical Seminar organized by Lallemand in Italy, at the Palazzo di Varignana in June 2017. Travel to Italy and accommodation costs are included in the prize as well as a 500€ bursary.

On hearing the news regarding the Bursary, Elizabeth said:

“I am delighted to have won the Lallemand scholarship and looking forward receiving this generous bursary, as well as attending Lallemand’s seminar in Italy this year. I look forward to understanding further how Lallemand is contributing to the world of winemaking through their research into yeasts, bacteria and enzymes, I am sure I will learn a lot on the trip and feel sure that it will be very useful for my Master of Wines studies in the future.”

Ann Dumont, Communications Manager for Lallemand’s Oenology Division, said:

“Lallemand is proud to award the prize to Elizabeth this year. The proposed topic for the essay was challenging and Elizabeth was able to combine facts and discussions in a logical and thoughtful manner. We look forward to welcoming her to our seminar in Italy in June and hope that she will enjoy the experience.“


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