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Institute of Masters of Wine partners with Wine in Moderation

Institute of Masters of Wine partners with Wine in Moderation
Wine in Moderation and the Institute of Masters of Wine both seek to encourage responsibility in the serving, selling, communication and consumption of wine.

Wine in Moderation aims to complement and support the knowledge of the students in the Institute’s Study Programme in the areas of moderate and responsible drinking, with the inclusion of an understanding of Wine in Moderation’s principles in the examination syllabus for the title of Master of Wine.

By welcoming one of the most prestigious wine Institutes in the world as a partner, Wine in Moderation continues its dynamic growth and reinforces its position as the social responsibility movement of the international wine sector.

“There is a natural fit between the education and social responsibility objectives of both Wine in Moderation and the Masters of Wine. We both want people to enjoy and appreciate wine sensibly and avoid abuse.” commented George Sandeman, President of the WiM Association (seen above with Pedro Ballesteros MW).

“The Institute of Masters of Wine is about promoting excellence in the world of wine” states Pedro Ballesteros MW, Council Member of the Institute of Masters of Wine. He continues “responsible and informed consumption of wine is a necessary path for excellence. We are glad to see that thanks to our partnership with Wine in Moderation, IMW students will also learn about the benefits of wine in moderation and convey, when they become Masters of wine, such an important message”.

The partnership between Wine in Moderation and the Institute of Masters of Wine was celebrated at the WiM Association annual event in Brussels on 20 April 2016. The event, attended by policy makers from Europe and around the world as well as senior representatives of numerous wine institutes, companies and associations, was also the opportunity to present the latest Programme Implementation Report 2014-2015 and the activities developed by the various Wine in Moderation Programme actors.

Further information on the WiM Association and The Institute of Masters of Wine can be found below as well as on the Associations website together with the full press package:

About Wine in Moderation
Wine in Moderation–Art de Vivre (WIM) Programme is a programme created by the wine sector to inspire healthy lifestyles and well-being, and contribute to the reduction of alcohol related harm. The WIM programme builds on scientific evidence, education and self-regulation to organise and empower the entire international wine value chain, in raising awareness and knowledge about responsible drinking patterns and moderate wine consumption. WIM is a common programme centrally coordinated and implemented nationally, with the capacity to adapt into local needs respecting cultural diversity

WIM Association
The Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre (WIM) Aisbl is the international not for profit association founded by wine sector associations and leading wine companies, that centrally coordinates the WIM programme and expands its reach and impact throughout the world.

The Institute of Masters of Wine
The Institute of Masters of Wine (IMW) is a membership organisation based in London. Master of Wine (MW) is the most prestigious title in the world of wine. What started more than sixty years ago as a qualification for the UK wine trade is now held by a global family of 342 Masters of Wine working in 25 countries. The Membership encompasses winemakers, buyers, journalists, shippers, business owners, consultants, academics, and wine educators. The Institute of Masters of Wine, which is a non-profit organisation, stands for excellence, interaction, and learning. The Institute, which has its headquarters in London, runs courses, events and examinations on four continents.

For more information, please contact:
Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) Aisbl
Director: Stylianos Filopoulos
Τ. +32 488 790 724

Institute of Masters of Wine
Executive Director: Penny Richards
T. +44 (0)207 383 9130

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Institute of Masters of Wine
T: +44 (0) 207 383 9130