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Deidesheim theory only seminar

Deidesheim theory only seminar

The theory only seminar was held in late January. Hosted by the VDP, The German Wine Institute and the City of Neustadt five students and a rotating roster of MWs spent a week at the Von Winning Estate in Deidesheim. Honing their essay writing skills by day the students maintained their tasting skills by night at dinners and tastings coordinated by the VDP.

Steve Charters MWJames Davis MW and Rod Smith MW, the latter having hot-footed it from Rust, supported the students through the week. James Davis MW shadowed me as seminar coordinator this year; regrettably my tenure as theory only coordinator has come to its conclusion. Guest appearances from Beverley Blanning MW and Alison Flemming MW provided students with valuable insights into exam technique and paper three respectively. Adrian Garforth MW gave the students a rousing pep talk.

Several guest speakers were invited and the students, and MWs, gained valuable insight into a broad range of subjects. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Fischer from Neustadt University presented on Terroir. Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki from Geisenheim University spoke about market research techniques and the German wine market. Prof. Dr. Monika Christmann from Geisenheim University discussed the challenges of alcohol management in wine. The German Wine Institute’s Steffen Schindler presented us with a detailed presentation on the market for German wines. Felicity Carter, Editor in Chief at Meiningers Wine Business International, spoke to the students helping them with Paper Five areas and provoking a few uncomfortable thoughts about the wine world’s future.

A field trip to The Deutsches Weintor cooperative provided a wealth of insight into the workings of cooperative wineries, a side of the German wine industry new to most of us.

It would be remiss not to note the special thanks that are due to Katharina Huber from the VDP, without whose organisational skills the theory only seminar would not have happened.

Phil Reedman MW