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Wine Australia

Wine Australia supports a competitive wine sector by investing in research and innovation (R&I), growing domestic and international markets and protecting the reputation of Australian wine.

Wine Australia’s educational resource Australian Wine Discovered is a free-to-use platform that provides information on key regions, grape varieties and topics such as old vines and sparkling wine. With comprehensive guides, editable presentations, images, quizzes, maps and videos, it is a valuable resource for training, event preparation, research or personal studies.

The consumer-facing website,, also offers a variety of information, including winemaker stories, regional insights and an introduction to grape varieties and wine styles, painting a detailed picture of the Australian wine scene in an easy-to-digest format.

Market insights data tools

This newly launched addition to the Wine Australia website offers a range of tools to analyse the current and historical market landscape. Tools include the Wine Geographical Indications (GIs) dashboard – an interactive map for exploring Australian wine regions, as well as the Export dashboard and National Vintage Survey dashboard. For full details, please see here.

Research and Innovation

A research and innovation programme allowing winemakers and growers to use their resources as effectively as possible, minimise the impact of potentially devastating pests and diseases, all while keeping sustainability and the environment front of mind. For more information about the detailed research and development currently underway, please see here.


Sustainable Winegrowing Australia is the national sustainability programme for grapegrowers and winemakers, measuring, reporting and encouraging best practices in vineyards and wineries. Click here for more information and to download the Impact Report.


Catch up with the Wine Australia team, explore Australian wine, and meet wineries and distributors at Wine Australia events. Have a look at the events calendar.

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