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VSPT Wine Group

With more than 150 years of history, VSPT Wine Group is today among the world’s top 20 wine producers (17.5 million cases per year), the undisputed leader of the Chilean domestic market in both volume and value, and a Top 5 producer in the Argentine domestic market.

The leading South American business operates six wineries in Chile and two in Argentina: San Pedro, Tarapacá, Leyda, Santa Helena, Misiones de Rengo, and Viñamar vineyards in Chile and La Celia and Graffigna in Argentina.

The group is an established force in the wine industry with leading brands in major world markets including Japan, Korea, Belgium, Holland, Brazil, Canada, France, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic and Paraguay. It exports to more than 90 countries worldwide.

VSPT Wine Group has expanded globally and currently has three International Commercial Offices in the United States (Florida), the United Kingdom (London), and China (Shanghai).

This international strategy seeks premiumisation and long-term growth.

VSPT’s portfolio comprises more than 30 strategic brands in different price categories. The robust range, featuring iconic and premium fine wines to a broad selection of products for the retail sector, appeals to a diverse number of consumers with a variety of tastes. Among the most recognised brands are 1865, which honours the year of the winery’s foundation; Leyda, with its cool Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir; and Altair, the iconic red blend from Cachapoal Andes

Pioneers of sustainability, not only is this at the centre of the business but a strategic objective with corporate value. VSPT is a leader in renewable energy generation, a guardian and champion of biodiversity, and a promoter of conscious alcohol consumption, responsible design culture and eco-packaging. The group is passionate about the planet and nature and is committed to carbon neutrality from the vineyard to the table by 2050 (IWCA).

In 2023, VSPT became a Gold Member of the International Wineries for Climate Action (IWCA) by reducing CO2 emissions by 7% and self-generating 20% of the renewable energy for its operation.

The group has thousands of hectares of impressive vineyards at its disposal (5,166 hectares planted), as well as the best viticultural and vinification equipment allowing the skilful winemaking teams to execute their superlative techniques. The result is an enviable portfolio of wines that showcase precision and focus comparable to those from the best regions in the world.

Information provided by VSPT Wine Group