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Mach Flynt, Inc./DC Flynt MW Selections

MACH Flynt Inc./DC Flynt MW Selections is based in the Acadiana Region of Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, in the city of Lake Charles.

The company imports, exports, brokers, produces and distributes wine and spirits in 46 US States and in Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. The firm’s focus is distributing, producing and exporting US wines, and spirits, and importing wines from Burgundy, Rhône, Champagne, Loire, Italy, Chile and New Zealand.

Principal distributors in the US include RNDC, SWS, Young’s Columbia, Johnson Brothers, Fedway, GLWS, United, Empire, Country Vintner, Major Brands, and Glazers.

DC Flynt MW, who is the founder and CEO/President of MACH Flynt, Inc./DC Flynt MW Selections, passed the Master of Wine Exam in 1998 and became the 16th American MW.

Information provided by MACH Flynt Inc./DC Flynt MW Selections