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The classic method sparkling wines from the mountains of Trentino, Italy

In Trentino, 70% of the land is situated above an altitude of 1,000 metres, 20% above 2,000 metres, with 94 peaks exceeding 3,000 metres. Numbers for a unique land, that is also home to the Dolomites, now acknowledged as a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site.

Here, vineyards are cultivated, in certain cases, up to 900 metres above sea level, parcels of land taken from the mountains, where the average estate is very fragmented, and vineyards entail high costs. The hectares of vine-covered area are 10.199, 1.154 of them, are dedicated to grapes for the Trento D.O.C. base wine.

The grape varieties of Chardonnay (one of the most cultivated in the province and corresponding to about 26% of the vineyard area), Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Meunier are permitted and vines grow at altitudes between 200 and 900 metres, with a climate influenced by the Dolomites and from Lake Garda, with significant temperature variations between day and night; vines and grapes which, having become wine, are characterised by elegance, freshness and persistence.

Trentodoc can now boast an “identity card” which certifies its origin and its connection with the territory, as a result of research by the Edmund Mach Foundation in San Michele all’Adige, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – which acknowledges it also as “sparkling wine from the mountains”.

Trentodoc history began in the early 1900s with Giulio Ferrari, a student at the Imperial Royal Agricultural School of San Michele, who after numerous study tours to France and returning to Trento, first started the traditional method production in the centre of the city: a small production but of high quality. Since then, many others followed him until the recognition of the “Trento” Controlled Designation of Origin in 1993, the first designation in Italy reserved for a traditional method and among the first in the world.

Istituto Trento Doc, born in 1984, is responsible for promoting the collective territorial trademark Trentodoc, born in 2007 (with the two “O” that graphically symbolise the “remuage” gesture). It is a constantly growing reality that brings together 57 sparkling wine producers, each of which pursues its own and personal philosophy, giving this traditional method different shades, suitable for every taste, occasion and pairing. All of them are characterised by a common denominator: quality.

The quality of Trentodoc is entrusted to the production regulations, which establishes rules and controls along the entire supply chain. The harvest of grapes, grown in a well-defined area within the Province of Trento, is done by hand and the “base wine” is entrusted to slow ageing in the bottle that varies from a minimum of 15 months for a Brut to 24 months for a Millesimato and a minimum of 36 months for a Riserva, but can reach over 10 years of permanence on the lees, thanks to the constant commitment of all the producers who offer increasingly refined and advanced Trentodoc on the market.

In 2020, a mobile app was launched, designed to accompany people when tasting, at home, at a restaurant or during a trip. It contains information on 57 sparkling wine producers, 200 points of interest, 180 datasheets and a dedicated section to the #TrentodocTime appointments.

Information provided by Trentodoc